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Divorce & Separation 

Divorce, Annulment, Separation, & Dissolving
Domestic Partnerships/Civil Unions


In many cases, your legal documents can be prepared for you during your first office visit and filed that same or next day.

This law office can provide legal representation to the client in the following areas:


  • Preparing and filing a complaint for Divorce, Separation and Support or to dissolve a Domestic Partnership or other Civil Unions.

  • Preparing and filing an Affidavit of Insurance and Confidential Litigation Statement.

  • Preparing and filing a Family Part Case Information Statement.

  • Preparing a Parenting & Custody Plan.

  • Preparing, serving and complying with pre - trial discovery (interrogatories, depositions, document production, independent medical evaluations).

  • Evaluating the value of business, real & personal property, retirement accounts and pensions including or exempting businesses, real & personal property, retirement accounts and pensions from equitable distribution.

  • Prepare for and attend early settlement panels, child custody mediation and economic mediation.

  • Prepare and defend pre-trial motions for support custody, attorney's fees and disposition of assets.

  • Prosecute and defend alimony demands (permanent, temporary, rehabilitative or reimbursement alimony).

  • Calculate / Recalculate the payment of child support.

  • Compel the reinstatement of canceled health insurance.

  • Enforce, modify or defend child support orders. 


  • Enforce, modify or defend child custody violations. 

  • Subpoena witnesses in or out of state.

  • Utilize expert witnesses (forensic accountants, pension and property appraisers, employability specialists, child psychologists and others with areas of relevant expertise).

  • Prepare, file and argue interlocutory appeals.

  • Provide legal and practical advice.

  • Negotiate and prepare property settlement agreements and judgements for divorce or legal separation. 


  • Prepare notices of equitable distribution, affidavits of non-military service and obtain default judgements. 

  • Prepare and argue post judgment motions to enforce agreements, court orders and judgements.

  • Attend Child Support Enforcement Hearings which could lead to jail, license suspension and / or wage garnishments. 

  • Defend child abuse or neglect allegations from the child's other parent or DYFS (now the DCP&P). 

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