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About the Attorney
Direct Dial:
(973) 448 - 1110 
Text or Cellular Telephone:
(973) 417 - 1553
Damiano M. Fracasso, Esq.

Damiano, "Damian" M. Fracasso is a life long resident of northern New Jersey. Damian is a first generation Italian American and attorney. He is a graduate of Green Hills Middle School, in Green Township, New Jersey and Newton High School, in Newton, New Jersey . He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Jersey City State College (Cum Laude) and a Doctorate in Juris Prudence from New York Law School. He also earned a Post Graduate Certificate from Harvard University in Cybersecurity finishing top of his class. Damian is admitted by the New Jersey Supreme Court to practice in all of New Jersey's State Courts, which include the Civil, Criminal, Family, Equity, Municipal, Appellate and Administrative jurisdictions. Damian is also admitted to practice in New Jersey's Federal District Courts, the United States Bankruptcy Court,  the Third Circuit Court of Appeals as well as the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Damian served a term as Judicial Law Clerk to the Hon. Irwin I. Kimmelman, J.S.C of the Superior Court of New Jersey in Essex County. Prior to his Judiciary service, he served with the New Jersey Attorney General's Office, the Sussex County Prosecutor's Office, a United States Senator, and the Hudson County Juvenile Conference Committee. Now Damian has returned to pastoral Morris County to open his private law office in 2001 to provide personalized legal services to clients of all natures. He is now celebrating his 14th year of service to his clients.  Damian is also an accredited Family Court Economic Mediator, Civil Court Mediator and Arbitrator and recently completed the Family and Elder Law Collaborative Law Practitioner certificate program.  Damian also served as a member of the Hackettstown, New Jersey Board of Education from 2010 - 2014 and oversaw and managed a $13,000,000.00 budget. 



Service, Service, Service. Damian personally handles every step of your legal process. When you call, he will answer the telephone, when you have a question, he answers it, and when you require a court appearance, he's right there beside you. No paralegals, no secretaries, no associates; just you and him. Damian understands that, for the most part, a legal proceeding can be a very emotional and costly experience. This is why he will promptly return your phone calls, educate you in your legal process, consistently keep you up to date with case developments, and treat you with the respect and loyalty you deserve from your attorney. Damian also offers a free 10 minute phone consultation. Because you may need an attorney or have a question before or after 9am and 5pm, Damian personally takes calls 24 hours a day; no 3rd party answering services. In addition, he offers morning, evening and weekend office hours,  Not to mention, Damian's refrigerator is always stocked with complementary refreshments and the coffee is always hot.


Call or stop by the office. Generally, appointments are not necessary, but are recommended. Prior to your initial consultation, Damian recommends that you bring all of the materials you may have pertaining to your particular legal service you are seeking. In some cases, time is of the essence and having your documents ready will help him meet a deadline. Unfortunately, not everyone can qualify as a client. In that event, you should promptly seek the services of another attorney.

In the event that Damian welcomes you as a client, you will be asked to sign a retainer agreement. This document will define the costs, if any, and scope of your attorney client representation. The retainer agreement will avoid future disputes. In some cases, you may not have to pay an attorney's fee if you do not recover an award or settlement. This is called a contingency fee agreement. In others, such as a criminal or matrimonial action, in which contingency fees are prohibited under the New Jersey Rules of Professional Responsibility, a retainer may be required prior to initiation of representation. Please keep in mind however all unearned or unspent retainer money is fully refundable. You may want to visit the fee section of this website for more information on fees.

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